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The Georgetown Business Association invites you to join our association.

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The Georgetown Business Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization. The purpose of the GBA is to encourage the economic development and revitalization of the City of Georgetown and to provide a forum for members to share knowledge, best practices and vital information that can positively impact the success of all local businesses.


Every 2nd Tuesday
Starting at 6:00pm


Board Members

Erin Angner

Paula Moland

Hope Mcfaddin

Leslie Smith

Greg Metcalf

Kim Leatherwood

Susan Brennen

Robert Willey

Michele Overton

Chris Cykoski

Board of Directors

President - Jack McManus
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Carol Addy

Treasurer - Nick Robinson

Events/MIP Chair - Michael Caldwell

Grant Writer - Ede Graves

Festival Chair - Greg Metcalfe




Our Goal is to promote the City of Georgetown as a destination for visitors, and support initiatives that will benefit new and existing businesses. By partnering with public and private entities we hope to assist in attracting business investment, renovate existing structures, visually improve business districts, buildings, corridors and preserve historic business structures. We will work to accomplish this while building upon the historic character that is the basis for our quality of life and marketplace appeal. The GBA sees itself as a catalyst organization committed to encouraging long-term economic development, the preservation of the historic character of the community, and committed to public and private partnerships in order to enhance the quality of life for all citizens in Georgetown. We believe the City of Georgetown may be the “best-kept secret” in South Carolina and we are committed to maximizing the City as a tourist destination, as well as a community where private-sector jobs are maintained and created for local citizens.

We encourage both citizens and individual businesses to join the GBA. Please log on to the GBA website for membership information.